Mobile Parade/bonfire Couch, With Getto Blaster, Cup Holders and Six Pack Cooler




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I Have a couch I put wheels on,  so I can travel down the street to the parade route and to the neighborhood bonfires.
It is great, load all your stuff on to it like a wagon and just pull it along.

Now I have done some more work on the couch, The Getto couch, it has the midwest version of a getto blaster in it. Also a cooler.

There is also cup holders, the instructable is here

It is simple to do, but would be highly specific to the setup on your couch. 

There are many instructibles on wiring up a radio so I won't go into that.

Here are some Pictures of mine, this will help you get thinking about yours.

On my couch I have castor wheels on one side and larger ones on the other side,  see picture 1

I also put a eye bolt on the leading edge, to use as a lift handle, tow point (tow behind my scooter or bike),  attach dog to.

Just screws and bolts hold on the wheels but they have lasted 2 full summers going into the third.

I picked up  a pair of speakers at garage sale for 8 bucks, cut up some plywood, to fit the sides, put hole in each, some blocking, and mounted it to the sides of the couch, i cut a slit under the couch to slide the plywood though,  cut a hole in the side though the cloth and then stapled it to the ply wood and then mounted the speakers to the ply wood.

A friend gave me a old car radio (no wire harness), I went and mounted it to the front of the couch, got the 12 volt power wheel battery out, found the pin outs, could not get the radio to come on (was in his basement for a while),  then in the process of trying other pins I made the majic blue smoke come out of the radio. So i will have to find a diffrent one.    I still have to mount the battery . When i get a new radio i will wire it all in with a power switch.

Then I wanted to put in a cooler, the one in used will hold a six pack and ice.  Enough for a 2 hr parade.   All i had to do was move 2 braces, I drilled out the rivits, cut a hole in the cloth under the cushion,  but 2 wood braces and stapled the cloth/padding to the braces. Now the cooler just sit in the hole, and you dont even feel it. It can come out the top.  I did not have a lot of room to add this and I did not want to Build a cooler, I should be happy with this. If not I will rework it.


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    HAHAHA! That couch remindes me of a time when my cousin found a small couch and matching chair on the side of the road. He put it in his van to move it to his apartment. It stayed in the van for a week, until we took the van "camping" in western Connecticut. We pulled the couch and chair out and placed them around a campfire! People passing by would give us the strangest looks! Ah, the hippie days!!!


    7 years ago on Introduction

    I love it. SO many possibilities:

    1. as others have said-coolbox/cabinet/cocktail bar or whatever under the seat cushions.

    2. somewhere I have seen a 'sound cradle' car seat- the seat frame has the speakers/amplification built in and the seat vibrates with the bass or something like that. can't find a link though.

    3. I woulld use a durable covering on the lower part of the chair- something that wouldn't be troubled by puddles or the dew from my lawn, maybe even treadplate?


    7 years ago on Introduction

    great job, but most important, you have me an idea,
    i'll just put wheels under an old sofa i have, and push it in the garden to relax.
    so simple yet so amasing.
    Thanks you some mutch!!


    7 years ago on Introduction

    Vote for me for the wheeled contest, I really could use the video projector for the couch, I suppose the Gps could be useful after a long night by the Fire - to find my way home.

    But yeah that's a pretty neat idea. I bet you get a lot of interesting comments from passers by. After all the human race is a curious bunch. ;)


    7 years ago on Introduction

    This has me thinking,,,,, wouldn't it be cool to take out the innards under the cushions, add a bottom to it, then put a cooler in it and put the cushions on top.

    2 replies

    Reply 7 years ago on Introduction

    that has been discussed in the fire circle, while waiting for one of the gophers went to get a new bev, it would work on this one if i could find the right cooler, or build a box, line with ridged insluation then seal the seams. maybe make a cold side and then a dry side for snacks or other stuff. the posibilites are endless.

    That idea reminds of a scene from The book of Eli. They're in this house and these old people eaters have this couch that conceals a hidden gun trunk.