Mobile Passive Audio




I had been looking around a few web sites, looking for a device that would redirect the sound for my speakers on a couple of my mobile devices.
There were many that looked nice and the costs were ranging fron 4.99 to 21.99.
The designs looked pretty much the same, and I knew I could do one for cheep.


A credit card ( not one that is being used it's better to use one that you would normally through out like an empty gift card)
A lite candle.

Step 1
Cut the card as shown. Cut a U shaped section on the narrower side of the card.
Step 2
Lightly heat the back of the card.
Step 3
Bend the card into a V shape. Keep heating and molding the card until it's profile resembles an air plain wing.

I have tried this on all my mobile devises where the speakers face away from the viewing screen. Works great.




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