Mobile Stand Using Pepsi Tin




Introduction: Mobile Stand Using Pepsi Tin

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This is My first Instructable.
I have used a pepsi tin to make a mobile stand.
The things you need are:
1.Pepsi tin

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Step 1: Cutting the Tin for the Placement

First cut the bottom of the pepsi tin,and cut as the shape as given in the picture.Don't forget to smoothen the edges,they may give some scratch to your mobile.

Step 2: Avoiding Scratch

Inorder to avoid the scratch to my display,I picked up this sponge from a pillow and placed it in the space to cover the sharp edges of the tin.

Step 3: Designing

Not much designing,just surrounded the whole tin with a black insulation tape.Then with the Minions sticker,gave it some look.

Step 4: Place Your Mobile

Now you can place your mobile,I felt this one shaky,so I dropped some stones inside the tin.Now you can place your mobile and also you can watch movies etc..

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