Mobility Aids for OT




Introduction: Mobility Aids for OT

This Instructable will go through the simple steps to measuring, sizing, and using two mobility aids common to occupational therapy practice (Single Point Cane & Standard Walker).

Step 1: Measuring

A simple tip to measure most mobility aids is to have the person using the aid stand next to or inside of it and measure the handle (or the piece their hands will be holding during use) to the crease in their wrist.

Step 2: Sizing

To re-size the mobility aid, push down the raised peg on the leg of the aid and twist and push (to shorten)/pull (to lengthen) the leg of the aid. Make sure the peg is locked into position at the desired location before use.

Step 3: Walking With a Single Point Cane

To walk with a single point cane, hold the cane on the side opposite the affected or weak leg (ex: if the right leg is weakened or injured, hold the cane in the left hand). Once in the correct hand, take a step forward with the affected/weak leg while moving the cane forward at the same time. Once the cane and affected are firmly planted forward, take a step forward with the unaffected leg and repeat.

Step 4: Walking With a Standard Walker

To walk with a standard walker, have the user stand inside the walker while holding onto the handles firmly with both hands. The elbow should have a slight bend if it is adjusted to the correct height. When ready, place the walker one step ahead keeping your back straight. Next, step one leg at a time into the walker but be careful not to step too far (the user's body should not touch the front bar). Repeat placing the walker forward and stepping into it.

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    Eric Brouwer
    Eric Brouwer

    3 years ago

    Thanks for sharing this information.

    DIY Hacks and How Tos

    Good to know information. I imagine that a lot of people have their mobility aids sized wrong.