Mocha Mix

Introduction: Mocha Mix


4 oz. of instant coffee granules

4 oz of non-dairy coffee creamer

5 oz hot chocolate mix

3 oz white granulated sugar

3 oz dry powdered milk

1 24 oz jar

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Step 1: Step One

Scoop 2 tablespoons of an ingredient of your choice and follow it with 2 tablespoons of a second ingredient of your choice. Repeat in the layers you prefer until all of your ingredients are in the jar. Leave enough space at the top of you jar for shaking or mixing.

Step 2: Step Two

use a piece of thick paper like a index card or card stock and fold it in half write “mocha mix” on one side and “mix 2 Tbs. + 6 oz hot water” on the other side. Glue together and trim paper to a good size for your jar then wait until dry. Mix a small amount of instant coffee granules with a little water to make paint and paint it on to the paper. When dry punch a hole in the paper and burn the edges with a lighter for an added effect. Attach to the jar with a piece of string.

Step 3: Step Three

Shake or stir and mix 2 Tbs. + 6 oz hot water or put a bow on it and give it as a gift.

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    8 years ago on Introduction

    It looks delicious, but I hate non-dairy creamer... we get enough corn syrup in our diets as americans anyway. Is there a good alternative to it?