Mockup Template With PHOTOSHOP Smart Object

Introduction: Mockup Template With PHOTOSHOP Smart Object

Mockup is very important for design / presentation, not just for an impression but to give client a better understanding of how your design will look in reality. However, no matter how good your design / presentation was, a first round K.O. won't happen in most cases, aside from design there's a lot of reasons (e.g. product / information update, marketing / strategy change...etc). Therefore, a file named "layout_6b_v5_final4_v3.whatever" will appear in your hard drive, and when you still have to deal with the mockup is not just time consuming and yet frustrating. So, you've to work smart! A mockup template can save time and keep you happy in design process, it might double the time compare with a regular mockup but you'll found it's worth to invest eventually.

Here's how I work

Step 1: Create an Empty Set

After finished my design (a packaging design done in AI for example), I'll create an empty set in photoshop to define the render angle & the items I want to include in this mockup (here I'm using isometric for easy reading, it's also work with perspective).

Step 2: Paste in the Design

If done in PS - Group everything, then right click on folder and select "convert to smart object"

If done in AI - Copy everything and paste in photoshop as "smart object"

Group all sources files & highlight in group properties, make it easy to find.

ps. A user guide is also included in this design.

Step 3: Duplicate the Sources File

Duplicate the sources file using "Layer via Copy", it will automatic update once we edit the sources files, that's the key point for a template.

Step 4: Distort & Mask

Distort & mask the duplicated layers to wrap the surface, repeat Step 3 & 4 for the whole packaging.

When all the surface is mapped, I'll use adjustment layer to modify the colours, highlights and shadows.

Step 5: Work As a Template

Double click on the sources files, replace with new contents & save, and it's Done!

It's just that simple!

Thanks for Watching! Happy Design!!

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