Mod Pauge Calendar Collage

Introduction: Mod Pauge Calendar Collage

Do you ever get so many calendars for Christmas with the same year on all and never know what to do with them? Well this might help.

Step 1:

First you will need to gather up your materials.

Materials: Calendars




Paint brush

Step 2:

You now need to make homemade mod podge. That's the easy part, mix your glue in a bowl with room temperature water.

Step 3:

Now time to get your piece you would like to collage. I used a wooden horse that was carved out of plywood.

Step 4:

Cut out all small pictures and parts of the big ones in any desired shapes.

Step 5:

Once all pictures are cut out lay them out on the wood in a collage pattern.

Step 6:

Now pick up one image and now take your homemade mod podge and paint it on the back of your first desired image.

Step 7:

Finish putting all images down on your wood in your desired places.

Step 8:

Take your New mod podge collage and make a homemade gift as a great decoration!

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    Penolopy Bulnick
    Penolopy Bulnick

    2 years ago

    Fun idea! I like to find new ways to reuse calendars :)