Mod Podge That Shiz!, a Memory/shadow Box of Epic Proportions.

Introduction: Mod Podge That Shiz!, a Memory/shadow Box of Epic Proportions.

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Yep, I discovered mod podge, it's amazing.
My first project was to make a shadow box for my boyfriend from our past camping trip.
I didn't want to get rid of the trail map we had because I'm a packrat and don't throw anything out  it's sentimental.
I have a part of the map in my locket he gave me on the trip (I know I know, sooooo adorable! Please hold your applause.)
So I decided to give him the rest of it, but in a more creative way then "here's the map with that hole in the middle of it from where we cut out some to put in my locket."

I only needed a few things:
Mod Podge- Found at wal-mart for $5.
Sponge- or any thing really to apply the glue on.
Shadow Box-I found mine at goodwill for $2!
Pictures, keepsakes, etc. In my case, paracord, a map, and a couple photos.

This is what I did. I cut up the map into various sizes in hopes this project wouldn't fail and I wouldn't end up ruining the one keepsake. *Oh yeah, I should mention, don't cut it all up, first cut up a square of the map to place inside the frame, then cut the rest.
After doing so, I cleaned the shadow box and covered the glass with sticky notes (To keep from getting glue on it since I'm uncoordinated and messy with glue.)
I applied mod podge to the frame, added map parts on, and then added a top coat of podge.
After letting it dry I added another coat on, and let it dry (I passed the time watching youtube videos, you can spend yours however.)
I then opened up the back and added in a square part of the map I didn't cut up. I then placed a few photos in the foreground, and made a mini wrap of paracord to glue to the outside of the frame. I used a manly camo color. You can use whatever.

Voila! A cute manly gift for your boy! Or girl, Or whomever. Nanna, Pa, Mom, Dad. It could go any way really. So gather up those old maps, brochures, photos, etc ad get to gluin'!

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    4 Discussions


    6 years ago

    I love what you put together. I'm taking my son on a 3 day primitive camping trip (his first camping trip away from cub scouts). I'm going do to something for my wife like this for her desk at work.


    Reply 6 years ago on Introduction

    I feel like your wife would love something like this! I love how this one turned out and my boyfriend liked it too! Make sure if he finds a cool feather or arrowhead or something else neat to toss it in there! (Unless your son would rather keep it!) hope your wife loves it! And have a great camping trip!


    Reply 7 years ago on Introduction

    Thank you! he really seemed to like it, and I figured it was better then everything sitting in a box. Also I should note that's a tiny little shadow box, it just sits on a desk, takes up less space then hanging it on a wall.