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I have one of those steel trash can that can be purchased from any big box store - mine happened to be from the sweedish based furniture store that you assemble yourself -- starts with an "I" and end with an "A". I modded it to accept plastic shopping bags so I dont have to buy trash bags for it. Works out very well for me so here's the instructions so you can do it yourself too. All you need is a drill and a bit 5/8 of an inch or a bit larger -- depends on how tight you want the shopping bag to be tucked in the hole. Drill the hole right below the plastic lip and about 90 degrees off of the two ends of the steel handle for the plastic trash can insert.

Insert one handle of the shopping bag into the hole you drill from the outside of the can
Flip the shopping bag into the can
Pull the other handle of the plastic bag over the steel handle of the can
Push the steel handle back down opposite the side of the hole you drill
Adjust the tightness of the bag
Put the plastic insert back in the trash can
There you have it.
Happy recycling!

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