Model Buildings With Lights by Paul Fast Post

This is a model of a wedding dress shop made by Metcalfe card kits, and a scale scenes model warehouse card kit.

I made the Kit according to the instructions.

I wanted working light inside the buildings.

Before I ftted the roof onto the buildings I fitted the 12 volt Dc light bulbs.

I tested the lights, then I installed the buildings on my model railway. I then connected the lights to a 12 volt Dc transformer.

Step 1: Model Building With Lights

This is how I made this Building.

The building was a model made by Metcalfe.

I assembeled the building according to the instructions,

When I fitted the lights I drilled holes in the building floors, and installed 2 12 volt bulbs.

I did this before I fitted the roof.

The other building is a scale scenes warehouse . I also did the same.

Both building s have their light powered by a 12 volt Dc transformer.

Step 2: Part 2 a Scale Scenes Ware House. Adding Light to Model Buildings. by Paul Fast Post This Is Also a Continuation of Part 1 Adding Lights to Model Buildings.

This is a scale scenes model low relief warehouse also fitted with lights done the same way. That is what the 1st photo is.

The lights are 12 volt bulbs.



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