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Introduction: Model Superheroes: Superman

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As I did this a while ago, I do not have step by step procedure. But here is a quick and simple reiteration.

Materials Needed:

1/72 (or other scale) figures.




Pocket Knife

Some sort of base

1. Find a soldier in the crawling position you need and use a pocket knife to alter him/her to your specifications.

2. Paint him/her in the specified colors

3. Put him/her on a base

4. Post it on this so everyone can see your awesome accomplishment!

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    Jackal S
    Jackal S

    Reply 4 years ago

    Thank you. They are 7.5" coffee stirrers. Lighter and easier to cut than Popsicle sticks, but they still have structural integrity. I use these a lot in my projects, so if you follow me, you will see them popping up from time to time.