Model Making With a Laser Cutter

Introduction: Model Making With a Laser Cutter

I'm a architecture student at LUCA-ARTS in Ghent, Belgium. I love designing buildings but what I really like about architecture is the model making. I really enjoy making small models because that's the essence of model making. Putting a lot of detail in such a small model is not easy, but it makes a model interesting and fun to watch.
Because of the detail I often use the school laser cutter to cut out the small parts. I have put some pictures here to show you some of my work.
The first pictures show a design for an enlargement for a school. I undermined the school and used a stair like architecture that's multifunctional. (the trees are also made with the laser)
The second series is a conceptual building where the units are supported by one big shed like structure. For this design I used 123D make from autodesk. A very handy program that turns 3D objects into 2D files which can be cut out in de laser cutter.
I also made an experimental project where I used the laser cutter to create cardboard gears as big as my dumb ! So the possibilities with this machine are infinite.

Hopefully you gain some inspiration for your future projects !

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    6 years ago on Introduction

    this is amazing! I love it. I am a designer by heart (no education though) but lack the skills. I love seeing someone making such beautiful things, hope to see more of your stuff.