Rocket From the Martian




Introduction: Rocket From the Martian

After watching the movie "The Martian" I told myself I must build one of those rockets, and I have chosen for this occasion the rocket Ariane 5. This originally built by ESA European Space Agency is launched approximately once a month from the Baikonur Kouru in French Guyana.

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Step 1: Ariane V 3-D Model

First you need to look on the internet the digital copy in 3-D rocket I have found on this site ' "after I went to one of the copy shops where the files in 3-D turn them into little pieces and I after I started editing and coloring thankfully for most is white.

Step 2: Central Block of Rocket

The first part of the rocket is the central block. Nela this reality is the place where the cryogenic fuel is contained.

And it is where we should attack all the other parts of the rocket.

Step 3: Cryogenic Engine

Now with a normal super glue we have to attack the first cryogenic engine that allows you to give the rocket a thrust equal to 1390 KN.

Step 4: The Booster of Ariane 5

The booster is one of the most delicate parts because we must also dipengerlo the first thing I had to print the mini graphic of all the flags on the rocket.

The flags should be of the following country following a few pictures on the internet of a rocket on the launch pad pictures you will be able to place them in the right positions even these through a normal glue: Austria, Belgium, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Ireland, Italy, Luxembourg, Norway, Netherlands, Poland, Portugal, Romania, United Kingdom, Czech Republic, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland and Hungary. The flags of the countries must be divided by the ESA logo. And instill the booster must have the logo of the French center for space exploration (CNES)

Step 5: Central Block With Boosters

Now we should attack the two boosters to the center block in reality this will provide together with the cryogenic engine thrust 13000KN

Step 6: Stick of the HM-7B Engine to the Third Stage

Now we should stick to the third stage the HM-7B engine with a thrust of only 78KN as being in space as there is no friction does not need a lot of power.

The engine should just attack him with a little bit of super glue

Step 7: Third Stage and Fairing

Now we should paint the center of the fairing of a mission logo chosen by you (although I did not) and Arianespace logo the company that operates the rocket.

The fairing is say the shroud that will protect the satellite from the air outlet pressure of the atmosphere. This too I have done by printing the logo from any image from the internet and after him simply attached with glue.

Step 8: Rocket Fully Built

This is the rocket fully built all at a figure of around € 14 by calculating the cost of printing 3-D, glue, super glue, and the toner

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    3 years ago

    This is a very beautiful model


    3 years ago

    Very cool model. Nice work. I think you meant to say 'Attach' not "attack"..But the way i build models.."attack" might describe my skills more accurately.

    English is my first and only language and I have yet to try and post an instructable in english. I appreciate your post . keep them coming.