Modeled From Historical Home in Norman, OK




Introduction: Modeled From Historical Home in Norman, OK

Modeled from Historical Home in Norman, OK

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     Wow. Very ambitious for a first house. It has round parts!

    What is the roof tile made of? Gum?

    Just a beautiful house.

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    Thank you.  Big Red gum with the edges snipped makes great shingles.  Smells great for weeks, too!  The round parts did create some frustration for a while.

    The house is on N. Peters, north of Gray street.  It is open for tours Tues-Sat, for free.  PS.. This was also my very first gingerbread house.

    it looks good, not as good as Texas did when they beat OU, but still good.
    My gf lives in Norman, I might have to show her that house one day