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Turning a wastebasket into a modern design ceiling light.
An IKEA and CURVER products' hack.

Step 1: Ceiling Cord

Use only the cable from IKEA's ceiling light "MELODI".

The cord incorporates a plastic support for the shade.

Step 2: Wastebasket Hack

Use a CURVER's white translucent wastebasket with circular cutouts.

Turn it upside down and cut a ~3,5cm (aka 1.37 in) diameter hole out of its bottom.

Step 3: Ceiling Cord Hack

Push it throught the plastic supporter of the ceiling light cord to fit in as a shade.

Then screw the light bulb.

Step 4: Light It Up!

The modern design wastebasket ceiling light is ready!


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    Clever. I love the slick modern look that it has. Very artistic. And it probably costs a lot less than most fixture covers.

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    Thank you for your comment!

    It really looks very artistic and sure it costs not more than 8€ in total!

    A value for money piece of modern art!