Modern Paper Towel Holder

This is how I turned an old paper towel rack into something new and modern using completely recycled materials.

Step 1: Find Your Materials

To make this holder I used parts of an old hanging style holder, just the wooden rod to be precise; the decorative top from an old speaker; 4 wooden balls; and spray paint.

Step 2: Attaching the Pieces

I had to saw the bottom piece off the rod in order to fit it through the existing hole in the speaker base.  Then I glued the two pieced back together with the base in the middle using wood glue.  I drilled holes in the balls to screw them onto the existing screws to make little feet.

Step 3: Spray Paint!

Once the whole thing was together and the glue dry, I spray painted the entire thing orange!

Step 4: Done!

Just add a roll of something!  In this case, paper towel.



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