Modern Shelving System With NO HARDWARE!!




Introduction: Modern Shelving System With NO HARDWARE!!

About: I am a creator/maker I design and fabricate functional art.

I fabricate functional art for homes and businesses. I document some of my builds on instagram and Youtube. Radcliffe_Herstellung Check out my build video and if you like what you see subscribe to my channel so you dont miss out of future builds

Step 1:

I cut 2" square stock on my chop saw to length 8 pieces total. the length is what ever height you want your shelving system to be ( mine was 40 inches tall )

Step 2:

Then I used the sander to smooth and square the ends ( you can use sand paper and a block, a grinder, a file, )

Step 3:

Then I moved on to cutting the shelving supports to rough length. this is 1" square stock. I then notched the 1" to fit the 2 " stock as shown.

Step 4:

Next I created a jig out of scraps to keep my parts square and all of my supports in the same location

Step 5:

weld in the lower supports just like in last step and Grind the welds flat

Step 6:

Clean and scuff the frames be for paint

Step 7:

I used rough lumber so we flattened the faces and squared one edge on the jointer, before moving on to planing them to the same thickness and cutting them to the same width

Step 8:

I used a jig saw to notch the boards so they would accept the 2" square stock, I used a scrap piece of the 2" as a sanding block to dial in the notches

Step 9:

I used my router table to round over the outer edges on all the boards. You could use a hand held router or sand paper....

Step 10:

I routed a groove on the ends of each board to accept the wedges. A had saw and chisels would work for this.

Step 11:

I used walnut for the end caps and wedges to give a little contrast.

Step 12:

dialed in the sizes of the wedges on the sander,

Step 13:

cut a tenon on the bottom of the end caps to fit snuggly into the 2" square

Step 14:

Sand all of the boards up to 320 and apply the first coats of finish. Then sand the boards between coats and repeat.

Step 15:

I installed the end caps using CA glue

Step 16:

Last slide all of the boards into the frames

Step 17:

Stand the Shelving system up

Step 18:

Hammer in the wedges

Step 19:

Enjoy your new shelving system



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    42 Discussions

    Excellent job and nice video work to go with it

    This IS beautiful - I agree with the others, you are a brilliant artist.

    1 reply

    This is the reason why I try my best to create the best pieces I can. Thank you very much for your kind words!!!!

    I LOVE this. I like how it's made of only 2 materials. (as far as I could tell) I will so make this when I get the time. Great instructable. Well documented and lots of great pictures.

    1 reply

    10 months ago

    'cause welding is much easier than putting screws, you know....

    ironies apart (and admitting I should learn to weld someday), it looks awesome.

    I honestly read it just to figure how it was mounted, since in the pics it didn't looked rock-solid-stable. it's a really genius system, I have to admit. :)

    2 replies

    Thank you!!! The idea behind "no hardware " is no hardware needed to assemble the shelf ... I can put them together, tear them down, and reassemble without messing with nuts bolts screws etc... everything is a process

    well, then you better not lose the little wood spacers! :)

    I got the "no hardware" idea - it just seemed funny to me (in a way), that you prefer to weld rather than using screws -*even* for the metal part, though I don't know how it would be done with screws either, but still. see, I have no clue on welding, even though I own an arc welder, go figure.

    The design, build, and instructions are amazing. However, the title is a little misleading. I thought you meant you don't have to have access to hardware/tools to build the shelves.

    3 replies

    Thank you!! and I apologize for the misunderstanding. what I was trying to say was the shelving system is built with no Screws Nuts or Bolts etc, its all press fit with the wedges

    Great build, though it looks like a lot of work for the final product of just ONE shelving unit. & I disagree w/the other comment - it wasnt a misleading title - it specifically says "No hardware", & hardware for shelving units usually entail being separate parts that are necessary for assembly and structural integrity, such as fasteners like screws, or nuts and bolts, which require either wrenches, sockets and ratchets, or screwdrivers, and that's what it stayed true to. It didn't say "no power tools needed to fabricate and build the shelving structure", and when put together, looks like all you needed was a mallet, like many metal "tool-less" shelving units. As much stuff that went on in the video, what's surprisingly odd to me, is that my favorite part of the video were the audio and visual effects from "Duck Hunt"! Go figure. Keep up the good work! Aloha...

    I would guess you could use a similar system with wooden legs, mortise and tenon joints, and wedges?

    1 reply

    for sure!!! and it would look killer. I chose the metal because its different and people are into wood and steel furniture right now.


    10 months ago

    Nice job, beautiful Shelving System. I was shocked how many people thought "no hardware" meant no tools! I never was taught to call tools, Hardware. Tools are tools and hardware is hardware and never the twain shall meet.

    2 replies

    OTOH, I have on a number of occasions had to fabricate specialized tools from what had been hardware. And I have seen tools used as hardware, but I've never committed that abomination myself.

    Thank you!!! and thats what I thought......

    ... fit 'n lock ... clean design very solid ... you're an artist ... thanks for sharing your inspiration ...

    1 reply

    10 months ago

    That is a gorgeous shelf