Modern Upgrade of Wooden Chest of Drawers




Introduction: Modern Upgrade of Wooden Chest of Drawers

I love solid wood furniture that you can buy in some stores because it's usually quite cheap and give a lot of opportunities to decorate it right for your interior. I'll show you a very simple example of how to decorate wooden chest of drawers with different paints and wall stickers. These guide was originally published on Shelterness blog (

You will need these materials and tools: chest of drawers, wall stickers, acrylic paints, green fabric, green satin ribbon, sandpaper, brushes, paper knife, glue, iron.

Step 1: Painting

Paint the chest of drawers in white outside and in green inside. After two hours paint was previously painted white in purple. After two more hours sand purple surfaces with sandpaper.

Step 2: Applying Stickers

Apply stickers to the chest’s surface.
Where the stickers cover the joints of the drawers make cuts with the paper knife.

Step 3:

Cut rectangles for all drawers of green fabric. Their size should be the same as sizes of drawers bottoms. 
Apply glue on each drawer’s bottom.
Apply green satin ribbon on edges of all these fabric rectangles with the iron.
Apply these rectangles on drawer bottoms and you’re done!

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    9 years ago on Introduction

    I love this. But could you please post more pictures of the finished project id love to see different angles on it.