Modern Wall Organizer DIY

Introduction: Modern Wall Organizer DIY

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Sick and tired of the clutter on our annoying kitchen cart, and in slow preparation for making the wall the cart sits against functional for our kitchen, it was time to get a grip on the mess. This project is totally customizable and perfect for small or limited spaces. For less than $20, you too can get your life organized!

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Step 1: Gather Supplies

For a more detailed list of the items I used, come check out my blog Flipping the Flip at Key items I used here: 2'x4'x1/4" birch plywood and 1x2. I cut the plywood in half -- one piece for the organizer, the other to make little boxes.

Step 2: Make the Base

Going for a no-seen-fasteners look, I cut up the 1x2 framing pieces and glued them on face with Gorilla Glue. Be sure to tuck a piece of fabric or felt onto the face of the plywood when you clamp it so as to not mar the pretty wood you splurged on.

Step 3: Plan and Make the Parts

While I did make a sketch ahead of time, my organizer evolved and morphed as I went. No biggie. I cut up the plywood into pieces for boxes, used 1x4 poplar for shelves, mending plates for a magnetic area plus hooks, knobs, and cork.

Step 4: Test Assembly

Before affixing everything, I laid it all out to make sure it was what I wanted.

Step 5: Snazz It Up

I added a stripe of yellow paint and painted the wood knobs.

Step 6: Affix It All

As this was heading to a high traffic location, I used Gorilla Glue and screws from behind to attach everything to the base. Yeah it was tricky, yeah I goofed a couple a' times, but a dab of paint and a skootch of a box over and it was no big deal.

Step 7: Sturdy Wall Attachment Time

Use keyhole brackets to hang it up, making sure your organizer doesn't flail around in the wind or crash to the ground if bumped.

Step 8: Re-train Spouse

Lastly for me, re-training the spouse to use the darn thing. So far so good though!

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