Modernized Victorian Plague Mask

Introduction: Modernized Victorian Plague Mask

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In the not to distant Victorian future, a terrible plague has swept the world leaving a path of destruction in its' wake. The air outside is no longer breathable and people are forced to stay inside their filtered homes.... That is unless they have a mask that is able to filter out the deadly gases in the air. In this Instructable I will guide you step by step on a journey to making your own future Victorian plague mask!!!!

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Step 1: Materials

This is a pretty simple build with materials that are inexpensive. What you will need for this project is as follows:

1 pair of safety goggles, (or if you want to be more classic you can use welding googles)

1 newspaper

1 bottle of white glue (or your choice of paste)

1 string of LED lights (you can usually find them at the dollar store.)

1 can of your choice of color of spray paint

Chicken wire- at least 2 square feet, it's always good to have more than you need.


Step 2: Cut the Eye Hole

1. Take your goggles and place them on the upper center of the chicken wire. Draw an outline of the goggles on the wire and then use your scissors to cut out the outline that you drew,

2. Place the goggles in the hole you cut If the hole is a little too big for your goggles you can pinch and twist the wire to tighten it around them.

Step 3: Begin to Shape Your Nose and Head

This step takes a bit of time in order to get the desired beak shape. Use pictures as references and continuously look back at them to make sure you get the right aesthetic. You may want to use your scissors to cut the correct curve on the top of the beak.

Step 4: (OPTIONAL STEP) Add LEDS to Beak

This step is completely optional, if you don't want LEDS in your beak you can skip to the next step

1. pick a good color of LED lights to put in the beak, white red blue or green work great.

2. String the lights inside the beak in two rows on the bottom. (Think like multiple nose holes)

3. Secure the battery pack for the LED lights near the entrance of the beak for easy access.

Step 5: Begin to Cover Mask With Newspaper

Using watered down school glue, or home made paste of your choice begin placing strips of newspaper on the mask.

cover entire mask like this making sure not to cover the goggles and LED lights.

Continue layering until the mask is thick.

place on a drying rack for at least a day or until very dry and hard.

Step 6: Paint the Mask

Cover the goggles with cardboard and tape over the LED lights

take the mask outside and spray paint the entire thing

repeat several times until paint has many layers.

Step 7: Add Details to the Mask

this is where you can get creative,

you can use a paint marker and embellish the mask with fake sewing marks

if you feel steampunky you can add some gears reels and cogs to the side

If you are a leather worker feel free to sew some leather in where you think seams would be.

Tint the goggles with your favorite shade of Sharpee, and just have fun.

Step 8: Show Off Your New Mask

Feel Free to Go out to that wasteland farmers market without worrying about the deadly gasses waiting for you in the air.

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