Modification and Disassembly of Pizzazz

In this instructable I'll disassemble the Pizzazz, modify part of the base to allow foil wrapped around the pan without binding.

Tools Needed:

Philips magnetic head screwdrivers

Flathead screwdriver as a prying tool

Dremel with cutting attachment

Source picture from Home Depot

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Step 1: Bottom of Pizzazz

First, turn the Pizzazz on it's top and remove the four screws holding on the base plate.

Step 2: Inside of the Lower Half

There are four screws which hold the bottom and top halves together on the Pizzazz located around the curve.

Step 3: Removing Wires

After splitting the Pizzazz, the switch junction will be visible from the top, carefully remove the wiring, noting its placement in relation to the fan. Hold the junction steady while pulling towards the base of the wire connector to remove it.

Step 4: Cutting the Sides

Here you can see the sides of the guard are marked approximately 1 CM in.

Using your dremel, cut the tab off then making sure to smooth the edges once the tab is cut off.



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    2 Discussions

    Thanks. Not much too it. Upon the first disassembly, and without a magnetic tip screwdriver, it's quite difficult to get the top/bottom connecting screws back into their place given the depth of the bottom half's section.

    I might experiment with some spacers later on between the two halves to cook larger food, but it may have negative consequences in cooking other food.