Modified BR8




Introduction: Modified BR8

About: Washingtonian aiming for simplicity.

I couldn't add new pics to the other slideshow, so here's the new one with the trigger mod added.
Cred to I_A_C for inspiration/ base model.



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    Nice, have a look at mine; Slide action, 18 shot Trifle with KILLERK's most recent mods, and my own trigger guard on a Mezak pistol based handle.

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    I have loads of those types of socks. I buy 3 for £5 (Im British)from New Look.

    Congrats, you are the first one to make a BR18 look good with that bottom part on the stock.

    Whaddaya think of mine? I made the handle knexsayer-ish, so it's comfier.

    I already said it's supposed to look like the school mascot. So, other than that.

    Seriously, where? I never saw. So other than that, the part that diagonally connects the handle to the stock looks weird-ish.

    Oh, on the other slideshow, or maybe a PM to KSC. I know I said it! Anywho... yeah, I know, but it's I_A_C's and it makes it a ton sturdier.