Modified Childrens Bicycle.


Introduction: Modified Childrens Bicycle.

About: I'm a grown up kid that likes to show my children what my dad shown me when I was small. I am hard working but like tinkering with anything in my spare time.

This is my sons old bike, modified and transformed into a dragster looking bike.  It started when my son began dismantling the wheels and brake levers and all other attachments from his old bike.  First he put large scooter wheels (same as the front wheel now) and rode it about, but he wanted something really different.  I had a extra spare tyre in the shed and we decided to do something different.

Picture 1 show the bike as it is now.

Picture 2 shows that the rear bike wheel was welded to the car tyre, this was put on so that the bike could be pedalled.

Picture 3 shows a basic chain tensioner welded onto the frame.  This was because the extended chain I fabricated was slightly long.

Picture 4 shows pedal bars, These steel rods were welded on because we didn't have any real pedals.

Picture 5 shows the scooter front wheel.  This picture also serves the purpose of how different in size the original wheel was to this one.

Picture 6 shows the frame fabricated to hole the car tyre.  I used 30x10mm flat bar I found in my garage.  The bolt you can see is the original axle from the bike rear wheel which is welded to the car wheel on the other side.

Picture 7 shows where I welded the two wheels together, These are only small tack welds, but hold it sufficiantly.

I had to join two parts of chain together to span the longer distance between the sprockets, and have since found that gears might have been a better choice because it is very hard to pedal going up even a slight gradient.  Pedalling on the flat os still pretty hard but acheivable.  Going downhill is the best and more fun.

I actually made this project before I had joined Instructables and therefore don't have any construction pictures, but I have tried to explain each procedure with the finished product pictures above.  It didn't cost me anything because I had all the parts in my garage and it took me about 3 hours to finish.



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    Thanks, maybe a step by step would have been better, now that I have seen it published. I wish I had known about instructables before I had made the bike, then I could have taken pictures of the construction aswell.

    You can still do a step-by-step, using close-ups of each interesting part, then explaining what you did there.

    I'm going to try and get time at the weekend to get all the information to make this a step by step. Do you know if its possible to delete this as an instructable once I have made the step by step, otherwise I will have two instructables on the same subject?

    If folk are just browsing for cool stuff to look at, they sometimes prefer to look at photo instructables, so you might as well have both on the go.

    It's fine, I've done it.