DBAR/TCR V1/2 (Dreamwave Bullpup Assault Rifle Versions 1 and 2, TAR-21 Custom Rebuild)



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I took the tar-21 rifle by dutchwarlord, already a decent design, and chose to modify it. I know it bears little to no resemblance but the core body and mech is very similar. Anyway here are the new specs:

range: 70-75 feet with good bands, proper placement,and green rod/grey connector ammo (maximum)

accuracy: really not that good... I can hit a 2 inch square from 20 feet with the iron sites (scope is basically just for looks)

power: enough to really sting if you let your hand slip in front of the barrel

looks: quite epic if I do say so myself :p...not at all a replica now though

strength: not as sturdy as I'd love but it can stay pretty much together if you drop it from 4 feet onto a hardwood floor

ease of modification: surprisingly really good!

war type specialization: indoor wars are great with this gun, outdoor not so much because of the epic fail that is accuracy on this thing

ergonomics: handle can dig into your hand a bit, and the mag release isn't quite as easy to access, as well as there being a danger of getting your cheek bruised if you put it up against the bolt handle, but it's nice and heavy and has good balance. It feels pretty good in the hand overall.

ease of use: this gun has all the features you can really ask for at this point, and they actually work pretty well, but sometimes things can be hard to reach or find in the dark

reliability: this gun is really reliable. if you fire single shots loaded by slotting a round in the top you won't get a misfire if it's done right, and except for after a fall I haven't had anything jam or break. A really pretty reliable gun, even if it sometimes can get a bit jammed if you use multiple rounds in a magazine with a rubber band (a side effect of the quick load port, you can put a small grey connector with a green rod in there and completely fix it, but then single fire is almost out of the question)


stock: fairly well attached if built right, very sturdy and quite comfortable. Internally houses the ram, nothing external except the charging handles

main handle: sturdy, nice angle, safety can sometimes dig into the back of your hand but not too bad

forward handle: basically just a guard on the first one, an awesome vertical grip on the second revision. Quite comfortable and very sturdy.

forward grip: fairly comfortable, doesn't dug into your hand at all but isn't all curvy and such. Utilitarian in design.

safety: very reliable and solid, but can dig into your hand a bit sometimes

top iron sights: quite accurate, visually pretty nice, nothing extraordinarily awesome or special

mag release: quite reliable, one of those things it's a wonder it even works, but works really well. Quite secure

mag well: sturdy, looks OK, not that easy to just slip the mags in blind though

Now let's get started with the retrofit instructions! :p

(as in PS I'm really sorry they're a pain in the *** to follow. maybe I can improve them at some point if people really like the gun)

Please note, at this time the instructions are only for version one while the refined version two is shown in the first few pictures. the core gun is the same, it just has a different handle, a couple parts cleaned up, a cooler looking (IMO) scope, and a stronger stock, magazine, and cleaned up top rail.

Step 1: Main Body/Core

Build the dutchwarlord version and then take off the stock, front barrel, magazine, and such and modify it to look exactly like this. pretty much everything is possible to modify just from external pictures. If you don't have any clue for any part leave a comment and I'll try and help add best I can :)

Step 2: Stock, Slide

Pretty much the same idea as the first step... look it over and make the mods. Note that the upper slide needs to be parted like that to allow the bolt to move freely within it!

Step 3: Rear/Top Bolt Guide

Not that hard, make sure you don't slim it down and put the yellow ones on diagonal clips as that would make the bolt get caught and break

Step 4: Bolt/Slide/Pin

Use electrical tape!

Step 5: Front Barrel

Make what you see in the first picture, the ones after that are just different views for reference, not different parts

Step 6: Front Grip

Basically identical to the one on dutchwarlord's TAR-21

Step 7: Front Iron Sight

So...yeah... build this

Step 8: Magazine 1 (original, Multi Round Mag)

Fairly similar to the original, internally

Step 9: Single/Double Shot Sniper Mag

Not high capacity, but very reliable and helps keep the round very secure and flat in the chamber. Also, it can look way cooler depending on how the rifle is set up :p

Step 10: Scope

Quite useless, but looks fantastic. Use the iron sights if you want accuracy.

Step 11: Ammo (indoor)

build this (x30 or so)

Step 12: Ammo (outdoor)

Build this (x infinity)

Step 13: Main Build (core to Stock)

THIS IS THE HARDEST PART, make sure that on the top the guide is not clipped on one side

Step 14: Main Build (front Barrel and Iron Sights)

Step 15: Main Build (bolt and Rear/top Guide

Step 16: Main Build (front Grip)


Step 17: Magazine Insertion

Step 18: Bands!

This step varies depending on the bands you have



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    3 years ago

    Sweet mods. I personally think this looks much better without a scope, wouldn't want you say?

    17 replies

    Reply 3 years ago

    yeah, I kind of like the internal look of the scope though, I wish it looked nice with the gun :(


    Reply 3 years ago

    I think the next thing I need to work on is the mag well, as although the removal mech works really well, putting a mag in can be really hard to do when not staring at it while not moving. it would be almost impossible to do while running. Also, this is the point at which I would most love to have faster internet when uploading... it takes almost a minute per picture, while download speeds are almost 12 times as fast :p


    Reply 3 years ago

    what do you think looks better: Bullpup or standard forward mag system?


    Reply 3 years ago on Introduction

    Forward. The bullpup is good for real guns, when you want a long barrel in a compact weapon, but in knex guns, you want a short barrel so there is less friction on the round as it flies through the gun, and since you need a FP behind the magazine, you get a longer weapon, which is not good. (Man, I have a problem with run-on sentences, huh?) It is very difficult to get a efficient knex gun with a bullpup system. Now in a slingshot, where rubber bands throw the bullet, you do want a bullpup, as there is no need for a firing pin behind the magazine, so you get a nice long barrel with less pieces and overall lengh of the weapon. The long barrel is good for slingshot rifles.


    Reply 3 years ago

    BTW are the images still uploading? or is the instructable just not posted yet? I'm dying to see what it is :p


    Reply 3 years ago

    OK working pretty well now for what it is and how long I've worked on it... fired 3 rounds consecutively with some rejiggering and such, still need to work on the bolt, but this is it so far


    Reply 3 years ago

    closer now than I thought I'd be, currently have it so it comes out of the mag, gets pushed and spun by a piece on the bolt, drops into the bolt, gets ejected from the back of the bolt when it gets pushed forward, and will drop into a firing chamber as soon as I create it. it's a bit finicky but I think I can iron out the kinks with time


    Reply 3 years ago

    how do you think a horizontal magazine based bolt action bullpup hammer gun would be received?


    Reply 3 years ago

    Soooooo... it would be the HMag DBBAHG (aechmag deebagh?)