Modify Arduino ASCD 8x 18650 Smart Charger / Discharger for ESP8266 Hardware Serial

On PCB version 2.0 and bellow the ESP8266 Arduino Adapter has the wrong pins where you cannot use (communicate) with the ESP8266 for wireless communication to the Vortex It Battery Portal.

This modification connects the ESP8266 Arduino Adapter to Hardware Serial RX1 and TX1 on the Arduino Mega 2560

Step 1: Tools and Components

Tools Needed:

Soldering iron

Pliers or Wire Strippers

Hot glue gun (optional)

Parts Needed:

ESP8266 Arduino Adaptor ESP8266 ESP-01

AliExpress Link

eBay Link

ESP8266 ESP-01

AliExpress Link

eBay Link

Dupont Wire F-F

AliExpress Link

eBay Link

Step 2: Mount and Solder


Mount the ESP8266 Arduino Adapter with the 2.5mm brass stand off's


Measure the Dupont Female wires and cut to size according to the solder points. You can mount the ESP8266 Arduino Adapter on the allocated slot or the SD Card reader slot as they are the same size.


Strip the wire at the end of the Dupont Female wires about 1-2mm with pliers or wire strippers


Solder the wires refer to image:

GND ESP8266 Arduino Adapterto Ground Plane on PCB

VCC ESP8266 Arduino Adapterto 5V Arduino Mega 2560

TX ESP8266 Arduino Adapterto D19 (RX1) Arduino Mega 2560

RX ESP8266 Arduino Adapterto D18 (TX1) Arduino Mega 2560

Hot Glue (optional)

Hot glue all the solder points

Step 3: Upload the Firmware (Arduino Sketch's)

Still in development. Coming very soon.



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