Modify DIY Spectacles / Goggles With a Webcam to Record Video




Introduction: Modify DIY Spectacles / Goggles With a Webcam to Record Video

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Although you need to keep your head still, mounting an old webcam onto an old spare set of DIY goggles is a good way to record video when you need to take a video whilst holding an object with both hands.

Step 1: Open Up Webcam

Pop off the top of the webcam cover with a screwdriver carefully, then use pair of pliers to rip apart the plastic casing to get to the PCB.

It doesn't matter what brand of webcam you have, just preferably one that is collecting dust and you don't want anymore.

Note where the wires connect from the cable to the PCB, so you can cut the cable and rewire to keep the wiring flusher.

Step 2: Mount Onto Goggles

Used a little superglue to stick a piece of styrene onto the plastic goggles, to act as a holder.

Then the clever bit - hot glue the PCB onto a piece of thin card which can then be superglued to the other plastic piece to act as a hinge. This allows you to move the camera up or down a bit for optimum viewing - use some Blu-Tac or similar.

Then hot glue the cable around the edge of the glasses frame.

That is it.

In the first photo of this guide, is a photo of an N64 portable i'll be making to sell in the coming weeks, if anyone is interested in one to that design, look on my website, and get in touch...

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    4 years ago

    The hard rubber from the cable hot glues nicely to the plastic of the goggles, securely; if it wants to come away, just drill a hole in the side and secure the cable to the goggles with a small cable tie.


    4 years ago

    The only issue is the wire lying open, any way good project