Modify Your Wireless XBOX 260 Controller With Super Capacitors!

Introduction: Modify Your Wireless XBOX 260 Controller With Super Capacitors!

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Hi Everyone!
As stated in my last instructable (How to make your own super capacitor flashlight), I wanted to modify my charger board so that I could modify my XBOX 360 controller with a forever rechargeable battery setup.  Well, I did it.  I've also made the customer charger board and kit available on my website and ebay store.   However, if you want to make one yourself from 100% scratch, the videos above will show you what you need to do. 

The wall transformer acts to power the charger board, as well as to charge the capacitors.  The charger board limits power to the super caps, and acts to turn the charge to the caps on and off, depending on the voltage detected on the caps.  When you plug in the board, charging commences (See Video Below).  When the voltage on the caps reach roughly 3.75v, the charger stops charging the caps.  The power on the caps can be accessed via the output terminal block. This voltage can be connected to your XBOX 360 controller via a small modification.  Charging and recharging is very easy to do, and you get hours of game play out of each charge.  Charging takes less than an hour, and you can play XBOX while the device is charging.

Thanks for having a look at my instructable, everyone =)

Charger Board Code:
PCB Layout:
Charger Board Schematic:
A kit can be found here:

This instructable is based off my old super capacitor flash light instructable that goes into more detail.  This instructable can be found here:

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