Modify Your Y-cable Headphones!

Introduction: Modify Your Y-cable Headphones!

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Turn your old Y-cable headphones into single wire headphones! Y-cables are the ones where a wire goes to each speaker. ;)

Step 1: Materials

  1. Microphone cable, 2 lead and shield.
  2. Wire, 1 lead and shield.
  3. Heat shrink tube.
  4. 3.5mm jack

Step 2: Tools

  1. Cutters.
  2. Soldering iron.
  3. Wire stripper.
  4. Cordless drill.

Step 3: Preparing

Here's what I wanted to do. I wanted to connect the left and right headphone with a wire so that I wouldn't hade to have a Y shaped cable. I wanted to thread that wire through the head cushion and insert it in the headphone casing through the side. To do this I had to drill a hole in each of the headphones.

Step 4: Connect the Wire

I had to disassemble the headphones to be able to push the wire through the head cushion. Then I inserted the wire through the casing and tied a knot on the inside.

Step 5: Solder

Connect the ground from the right speaker to the ground of the left speaker. Connect the other wires toe the microphone cable. Ground goes to the stranded screen/shield. The picture shows how easy it is. Sorry for the not-so-very-professional-picture btw.

Step 6: 3.5mm Connector

Before anything else, put heat shrink tubing and the outer part of the connector on the cable!

Connect the microphone cable to the 3.5 jack. Tip is left, ring is right, sleeve is ground.

Step 7: Finished

This is what they look like now!

Step 8: If You Liked It, Please Comment!

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