Mods to Sharir1701's A.R.M Gun



Introduction: Mods to Sharir1701's A.R.M Gun

About: I am a 14 year old guy who enjoys electronics and knex and video games


Step 1: Intro

Hi and welcome to my very first instructable I doubt you care these are some mods to Sharir1701's A.R.M gun including a foregrip and an extended barrel

Step 2: Parts List

Connectors: 2 Red 2 Orange Rods: 1 Orange Flexi-Rod 3 White 1 Yellow

Step 3: Foregrip

Build what you see in the pic

Step 4: The Extended Barrel

I'm sure u can just build this from. The pic but there is an underskeleton of orange connectors P.S This increases accuracy

Step 5: YOU DID IT

You have successfully modded Sharir1701's A.R.M gun



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    4 Discussions

    Has anyone built these mods onto their ARM gun