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Introduction: Mods of the BBKWG

About: Interests!

I made some mods for the BBKWG! I give credits to Bakenbitz for the gun and credits to Storm950's idea for the new ammo.

Things I have added:

A sight
A quick loader or it can be a extended magazine

Step 1: The Sight.


Step 2: Build Quickloader/Increased Mag Capacity

Build as so. This can either be a increase to the ammo capacity or a quick loader. If it's a quick loader you want connect, push ammo in, Un-connect, toss on ground, put pusher in, SHOOT.

Step 3: Ammo

The ammo made by Storm950



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    Heheh nice and thanks for adding me :D One thing I massively overlooked was after a while the power of the ram hitting the ammo severely damages the grey connectors, mine haven't broken yet but have huge cracks in them. :S

    1 reply

    very immaginative young sir (Y)

    Nice! You could also just simply extend the magazine as it is already built. Do you like the gun?

    1 reply