Mods to Viccie.B.1993'S Cannon

Introduction: Mods to Viccie.B.1993'S Cannon

About: Yo. I Live in Northern Virginia and I am totally into music. It is a force that has enveloped my taste and threw my live around. Its all I do now. I must warn you: It is a disease. The best kind of disease! ...

Well, as you all know our good friend viccie posted a cannon. I found some mods to it. Hope its easy enough to follow!

And yes, i did get permission for this.



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     coooool cannon i subscribed! check out my knex stuff :)

    Looks great, but I am rofling at the title. Maybe you should put the word 'cannon' in there or you will get people who are interested in genetics leaving angry and disappointed comments.

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    I can imagine... "You have modified Viccie? Now perhaps he will make even better things!"