Modular Educational / Entertainment Wall System




Introduction: Modular Educational / Entertainment Wall System

A wall mounted Modular system for entertainment and education.

- Each Hexagonal shape can be slotted into place and changed at any point as modules are developed and designed.

- The Modules would be made of plywood, faced with various colours and textures.

- The Modules can be attached via a simple slot system so they can be rotated at any angle and be expanded across walls.

- Each section could have a simple USB connection so speakers could be attached, or backlighting on modules could cycle through colour themes.

- The Modules could house anything within its form from children's activity modules to LED pictures frames.

- Modules could also have tactile surfaces for sensory awareness and development.

The idea could be used as a architectural feature with flexible colours and lighting, as well as educational for children.

The system would be space saving as it is totally wall mounted.

As each module is the same shape, there is potential for further development as ideas thought up and as technologies become available.

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    4 years ago

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    Sounds like a plan to me and a real money spinner. Get a prototype made and then get to Dragons Den! I'm sure some company out there would give you the backing.


    8 years ago on Introduction

    Entirely conceptual at this point, right? Sounds like a Kickstarter to me!