Modular Expandable Laptop Storage With a Cocoon Grid It




Introduction: Modular Expandable Laptop Storage With a Cocoon Grid It

In 2014, I bought a HP stream 11. At that time I was not really aware that it only had 32gb of storage. I just needed a computer desperately and I was on a budget. Needless to say, buyers remorse kicked in after a few windows updates.
Fast Forward to the present day, I have managed to add a 64gb SD card and have purchased a 700gb Hard Disk to go along with it. I was looking up ways to seamlessly add both to my laptop. I stumbled upon a few instructorless suggesting I Velcro the external hard disk to the back of the laptop. I realized that it was an idea with lots of potential. So after digging up an old Cocoon Grid It organizer, I got the idea to create a modular system that piggybacks on the back of the laptop. This would allow me to store the External Hard Disk and everything else I would need on the laptop itself. This is a very last minute instructable, literally everything was done on the fly. Admittedly I would like to have had Velcro, However I had none of it laying around.

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Step 1: All the Parts Needed.

You will need:

1 Cocoon Grid It organizer :

1 Roll of transparent sticky tape

1 Packet of Foam Mounting Tape


1 Packet of Velcro Adhesive Strips ( Velcro Strips Preferred)

1 External hard disk.

Step 2: Masking Tape.... Masking Tape Everywhere

We are going to make sure that that the laptop and the Cocoon Grid it are safe from getting any nasty adhesive stuck to them.

Take out your trusty Masking/ Cellophane Tape and cover both the laptop and the Grid It organizer.

Apply liberally on the laptop hinge, making sure to cover any gaps.

Then do the same for the grid it organizer, leaving the top portion with the zipper uncovered.

Step 3: Prepping Your Adhesive Strips

Take the Velcro strips or Foam Mounting Tape and apply liberally across the Cocoon Grid It Organizer.

If you are using Velcro... apply the leave the top portion with the zipper compartment uncovered.

This leaves a small pocket with which to store very thin items like cash.

If you are in a pinch and using Foam Mounting tape like I did, Applying this means you wont be able to access your zipper compartment if or when needed. ( This is not advised unless absolutely necessary.)

Step 4: Mounting the Grid It

Make sure your alignment is correct and mount it firmly to the back of the laptop hinge.

Take care to leave the zipper compartment facing upwards for easy access.

Viola, You now have a modular external storage system on your laptop.

However we are not done yet.

Step 5: Adding Your External Hard Disk

The next step is the easiest. Take your External Hard Disk and position it in such a way that your cable weaves between the folds of the Grid It organizer.

This makes sure that the cable does not flop around when you are carrying the laptop with the hinge open.

Step 6: Conclusion: That Is a Whole Lotta Extra Space...

This little Project kills two birds with one stone.

Firstly, you now have as much digital storage space as you need with the inclusion of the hard disk.

Secondly, you now have a sturdy modular system mounted to the back of your laptop. This allows you to carry all your laptop peripheral's in one place. Said peripheral's will not come off even when the laptop lid is open.

You now have a perfect modular system that is only limited by your imagination.

Thank you for reading my first instructable, It was a pleasure making it. Special credit goes to Velcro and the Grid It organizer.

Please do let me know how this can be improved and expanded upon.

( I know I'm going to get a lot of lack for not using Velcro, but it was a last minute thing and I wanted to test it.)

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    3 years ago

    This would be really helpful with my work laptop! :)