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About: Hi, I'm Yaron, A proud father of 2, A software engineer by trade and a creator by DNA. My love for building things started at an early age working with my dad over the summers, now this love fills my free ti...

I wanted a furniture that will fits every room, that will not consume a lot of space ,that can be adjusted and have multi purpose.

so i ended up building 4 block that fit on top of each other....


25cm X 25cm X 130cm


Keys compartment,


Double shelf ,

Open box


saw table, electric screwdriver,

Polishing machine

Step 1: Plan!

First you have to plan your vision and adjust it to your needs, do this step carefully and you will gain lots time and money.

I used cardboard for a little model and SketchUp for 3D model....

Step 2: Measure

After you know exactly what you want, measure you model and multiply it to you needs.

for example: if my model is 2cm X 2cm X 2cm and i want it to be 30cm X 30cm X 30cm, my multiplier is 15.

take all the measures from the model you built times the multiplier, and you are ready for the next step...

Step 3: Precision Is the Name of the Game...

Choose you favorite type of wood,

carefully cut it precisely to your measures.

Step 4: Let the Glue Begin

Now its my favorite part, assemble each of the module piece's together.

use wood glue and screws to attach the parts.

TIP: when you screw a bolt, push a bit further then the surface and then cover the niche with wood glue, after it dries, polish it. this will conceal your screws

Step 5: Polish and Paint

first hand, paint it with wood paint, then polish it to give it the old effect.

optional second hand with either same paint or lacquer, personally i loved it as it came out after the first hand so i left it as is.

Add hooks for keys...

Step 6: Done!



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