Modular LED Light

This is simply to show the basic idea of how to do it, i hope you will improve upon the idea to create larger and "cleaner" versions of what I've done here.

Step 1: Materials

materials are not specific and can be substituted, such as a row of LEDs can be substituted with 1.

Step 2: Create Your Circuit

i have a 120v ac to 5v dc converter so any usb power supply can be used. 1. cut the data lines from your male usb. 2. strip the red and black wires. 3. take your LEDS and add a resistor (I've used multiple values so take your pick i prefer 220 ohm) 4. solder, tape, or hot glue the red and black wire to the positive and negative sides of your LEDS not forgetting your resistor 5. using extreme caution not to touch any leads plugin your circuit to a 5v phone charger. (I can not stress enough USE EXTREME CAUTION) 6. if your circuit works, solder (best way) glue, or tape it together( keep in mind that your circuit is subject to change

Step 3: Create Your Base

Keep in mind i am only building one block so my station base will be small and contain one female port. Another thing to keep in mind is that an AC to DC converter or male to female usb cable can be used for power 1. take your base project box or any substitute and mark with your razor blade where you want the block to go 2. continue cutting out your shape 3. cut a hole out of the box for your cord 4. fit the female side of either your female to male cord or converter in to the hole you cut earlier glue it in to prevent popping out

Step 4: Create Your Light

again I'm making only one. A full size light would contain multiple lights of different sizes if you chose to do so. If you only make one I suggest making it large. 1. cut a frame the size you want out of cardboard leaving a solid base for the male usb. Don't do what I did measure twice cut once. 2. before gluing, cut a hole for your male usb and glue it in along with your LED / LEDs 3. Glue the frame together 4.cut and glue pieces of paper onto the sides, white printer paper has the best transparency but colored paper will add a little style



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