Modular Transforming Ninja Star




This is a simple modular origami project consisting of 8 sticky notes, but it can be done with any kind of paper.

Step 1: Fold Your Stick Note in Half

Fold the stick note in half vertically

Step 2: Fold the Top Corners in to the Center

Step 3: Fold in Half, Push the Back Towards the Center and Crease

Step 4: Repeat Steps 1-3 Another 7 Times

Make a total of 8.

Step 5: Place the Front End of One Between the Back Flaps of Another

Step 6: Fold the Extended Corners Into the Top

Step 7: Repeat Steps 5 and 6 Until Only One Piece Remains

Step 8: Carefully Attach the Last Piece

It won't fit quite right, so you will have to bend the entire shape to fit them together, but do the exact same procedure as with earlier.

Step 9: Finished Folding

You will end up with something like this.

Step 10: Transform

Push the edges in carefully two sides at a time, and get closer until there is no gap in the middle.



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    4 Discussions


    2 years ago

    The greatest thing!


    2 years ago

    What a ninja star!!!

    If it is made with very sharp creases and with origami paper instead of the sticky notes yes. It still flies if made with sticky notes but not nearly as well.