Modular Work Bench and Shelves

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I don't have much space to work, and I tend to be on the move, so I built a modular work bench and storage shelves that breaks down easily for transportation. The basic construction consists of 4, 2x2 "ladders" to which 1ft by 3ft wood shelves are attached to. It was inexpensive to build. 2x2's are cheap, light, and strong. The wood shelves are nice and solid, but I think they only cost about $2 a piece at Home Depot. It's modular in that I can add more ladders and sections to it, or I could assemble it as a smaller section. To move it, I just unscrew the shelves, and then it's easy to carry the shelves and ladders seperately. Drawer slides with extra shelves were added to create more workspace.

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    9 years ago on Introduction

    What keeps the supports at right angles to the shelves? Are the verticals attached to the ceiling? Or is there a diagonal on the back that we can't see?

    I really like what you've got here. I find making my own shelving systems and having control over the height of the storage spaces makes a BIG difference in how useful they are. I especially like how you've got the oscilloscope inset on a shallower shelf above the work surface.

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    Reply 8 years ago on Introduction

    The diagonal's are on the back. You can barely see them on the left and right section. Center section didn't need any.


    8 years ago on Introduction

    As said above This is a nice approach for the space impaired!Gives me a few ideas to build on as I am in the process of building a bench in my new work area which does not offer much room. Then again for what I do I really do not need alot!