Mokume Opal Necklace


Introduction: Mokume Opal Necklace

About: Hi, I'm stephen, I'm a certified welder, working on my machinists cert, and working part time at a hardware store. Mixing in all of that with my hobbies of blacksmithing and knifemaking, only makes for more...

This is a necklace I made my mom for christmas. The main pendant is quarters laminated and patterned. When polished they show the layers of copper and nickel (no one start berating me telling me it's illegal, I'm perfectly within the law as long as I don't make any profit from it, I've researched this already). The inner pendant is an opal earring my Mom got on sale for this exact purpose. I drilled a small hole at the top, stuck the pokey thing through, and glued it in.

P.S. that's my sister modeling it, my neck is to rough and dirty, and I look to manly to wear a girls necklace.



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    YES! PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE make an instructable. This is beautiful, and it is certainly a lot cheaper to make than anything involving layers of silver and copper.

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    I'll see what I can do, I'm gonna make some when I get my propane forge (propane is a lot cleaner fire than coal, thus easier to make mokume in).


    That's really cool- I bet you Mom was pretty happy!

    Looks very nice, but this is supposed to show us how to make one too. I would like to know how to make quarters look like that for sure.

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    I made this for the I made it photo contest. The instructables in that contest are supposed to be pictures of something you've already made. I wouldn't have posted it if I weren't entering it in the contest. I do intend to do a mokume "ible" but it'll be awhile before I do.