Molding Idols Using Silicone and Plaster of Paris




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Intro: Molding Idols Using Silicone and Plaster of Paris

Maybe you are not good at creating beautiful figures out of clay or chisel your way like Michelangelo. But you can definitely duplicate and modify an existing figurine . Who know - it might be even better than the real one ! Try this out . If you would rather watch a youtube video - here it is - link to youtube video

Step 1: Clean Your Figurine

Dust is a killer - you don't want all your work to go to dust . ( pardon the pun ) . Clean it up . Use soap if need be.

Step 2: Measure Up

Measure the boundaries of the enclosure. It will be necessary to have an exact fit. ( You will see the reason soon )

Step 3: Cut Cut Cut

Cut out the board in the right dimensions that you just measured.

About the board - The one I am using is called the PVC board. It has got a plastic-like coating on one side. It doesn't get damp when in contact with a liquid material.

Step 4: Size Up - Check If It Fits Tight

Just to double check the fit - place it around the figurine

Step 5: Glue the Enclosure

Once you have made sure the board fit in right, glue it up to the base . Use a glue gun.

Step 6: Pour the Silicone

Once the enclosure have been properly glued up , make sure its water tight .

Now pour the silicone rubber ( with the hardener mixed thoroughly) into the enclosure . The silicone should cover the whole of the figurine. Silicone is heavy - any holes or openings can let it go through and render your project useless ! Now you know why it should be water tight ...

Set this for around 3-4 hours . ( It depends on the room temperature and how much hardener you have used ) . See the instructions in your silicone rubber package.

Step 7: Cut Open the Mould

Once the silicone has set ( after around 4 hours ) , cut open the mold from the enclosure.

This might need some care , ( this is the most important stage ). Any damage to the silicone mold - and all the rest of the casting will turn out bad.

Step 8: Pour in Plaster of Paris

And now ... The real duplication step.

Add plaster of paris ( 1:1 water to POP ratio by volume ) in the mold . This will have to wait for around 8-10 hours. Some POP ( Plaster of Paris ) variants harden quicker.

Step 9: Voila - the Cast Is Ready

Once the cast has solidified, slowly pull it out of the mold . Extra care if it is still humid. You might want to keep it to dry for a few hours ( I used the oven - Its faster and gives a crisp brittle bone dry feel )

Step 10: Paint and Add Some Gloss

Now is the fun part . Relax and pour in your imagination. Paint on it .

Once done, add a coating of clear acrylic onto the final piece. I used the acrylic spray. Its much easier that the liquid acrylic paints. Two coatings will give a good finish.

Step 11: And That's It !

You are done once the acrylic sets . ( it usually takes around 15-20 minutes ) .

And this is how the final product looks like !



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    2 months ago

    It came out very nice! Even though I am not a Hindu I have always found Hinduism to be a very interesting religion and growing up I had some of these idols in my room, so I really love this Ganesha!
    Technically speaking I also like this project a lot, the molding was done very well and I love the paintjob, so very nice work!

    1 reply

    Reply 2 months ago

    Happy to know that you liked it. Thanks for posting the comment. Personally for me, I consider art to be a more spiritual experience than religion itself .
    Technically, this base figurine just happens to be having a good finish- so I choose this base. Have been trying with different materials for casting ( instead of plaster of Paris ) . Let's see.

    cdt1947DIY Hacks and How Tos

    Reply 2 months ago


    What I figured is that it depends on how dilute the plaster of paris mixture is .