Introduction: Moledcule

I’m Eugene Andruszczenko - many know me as @32teeth,

welcome to the club

signed @32teeth

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Step 1: Tl;dr

official site

dot club... ...because that's what it is intended to be

official faq



moledcules compiler

we are super stoked to showcase our compiler, play with it, let us know what you think!

Step 2: What Is Moldecule?

You design. We code.

moledcule is a Chrome Application and acts as a companion for your AVR based microcontrollers.

moledcule was built to enable non technical users to leverage the capabilities of general purpose programmable RGB LEDs. moledcule connects to your AVR microcontroller such as Arduino to compile and flash 'sketches' to the microcontroller. It allows you to configure your devices, program and run them without writing a line of code. moledcule compiles the code, verifies it, and then 'flashes' the newly compiled machine code to your device.

Step 3: Download the App

Step 4: How Does Moledcule Work?

It, just, does.

moledcule allows you to connect your AVR microcontroller such as Arduino to compile and flash 'sketches' to the microcontroller.

Step 5: Does Moledcule Cost Money?


We truly believe in the concept of “open source community”. As of this writing, moledcule costs nothing to use.

Step 6: What Are Themes

Patterns to suit your ideas, preferences, or design

Themes represent both LED color and animation patterns of your own making. Those patterns can represent an idea - such as buttons with light, pastel colors. It could match a preference - perhaps you enjoy simple flashing lights, or a smooth transition from one color to another. If you are designing your Fightstick around a favorite movie or cartoon, you can light and animate specifically to match it.

In moledcule, you can create an unlimited amount of themes, clone others, and even compile others’ themes directly onto your device. The best part is that you can share your themes with others across the globe.

Manage your own list of themes

Themes are your own awesome collection of color variations, build variations and so on.

With moledcule there is no longer a need manage files on your desktop. Themes are as portable as you - login from any Chrome browser get back to work.

Step 7: Who Built Moledcule

Meet the team

moledcule was built by the good people 32teeth and Super Angry Pixel

These are the same people that brought you the original Sparky Jr RGB LED controller With contribution and collaboration with Codebender Inc. and Noopkat (aka AvrGirl)

We are all ears

We appreciate your feedback and suggestions - any comments can help moledcule grow to serve your needs.

You can provide feedback right in the app, or, feel free to contact us directly through our contact form

Step 8: More Videos

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