Moleskine RFID Reader-external Hard Drive

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Intro: Moleskine RFID Reader-external Hard Drive

I love Moleskine agendas. I didn't know until I tried one, and every time I finish one, I try to find a way to reuse it in a project or another. One of them I hacked into a classy combo case for my portable hard drive and my RFID reader (the one from the Touchatag/Samurize-powered coffee counter Instructable) so I could play with it more often !

It's only the second version, and it needs improvements on at least 3 points :
- Better measurements and better cuts : I've wanted to try out Ponoko's laser-cutting on demand for some time now, that'd be the perfect occasion ;) Why do with lasers what you can do with an Xacto blade ? Because FRIGGIN' LASERS \o/
- Ventilation of some kind : I'm thinking of cutting out patterns in the agenda's cover
- A more polished outside look : Better, more accurate cuts will help, but I could also try materials other than corrugated cardboard : foamcore carboard maybe ? It's smoother, possibly better at absorbing shock, and more regular in its thickness.



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