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Here's my hack for holding 4 writing tools to my Moleskine small notebook. It's an elastic band that slides over the cover. It's made from a piece of 3" elastic cord that goes top to bottom and a piece of 2" elastic cord that goes left to right. I got at the fabric store. I pinned the tools in place and sewed it on my home machine. Cost, about $5.

For those of you who feel I wasn't forthright in supplying instructions, here they are:
1. Open the cover and wrap the 3" elastic around it top to bottom.
2. Stretch it so it's tight before you mark it to cut.
3. Cut it and stitch the ends together on you sewing machine using black thread.
4. Since the ends of the fabric fray when it's cut, take a lighted match and singe the ends of the frayed thread to stop any more misreading. Be careful and don't burn yourself.
5. Slide the stitched loop over the cover for a snug fit. If not repeat the process till it's snug and won't slide off.
6. Now cut the 2" elastic to wrap around the cover from spine to inside cover. What I did was place one of the writing tools on the cover and wrapped the elastic around it snuggly and measured that. Multiplied it by 4 and I got my semi accurate measurement. You'll have to play with this for a while to get it right. I added about an inch so I wouldn't be short.
7. Stitch the end of the 2" to the inside of the 3" and pin the elastic over each tool as you work your way from left to right. Make sure they are snug enough to slide the tools in and out. I stitched each one before moving on to the next one.
8. After you finished with the tool holders, wrap the 2" around to the inside cover and trim off the excess at the edge of the 3". Now stitch and your done.
9. Slide your finished holder over the cover and make sure everything fits snug. That should do it.

Hope this helps.

Step 1: Behind the Tool Storage

I can store blank index cards behind the tool holders on the front cover.

Step 2: More Tool Storgae Inside

I can store a small straight edge, triangle and more cards inside the front cover.

Step 3: Stands on End

Everything fits neatly and doesn't stick out.

Step 4: No Appreciable Increase in Thiskness

Even though the tools are attached, there's not a significant amount of thickness added.

Step 5: Eveything All in One Place

This really helps me. I'm always loosing my pens and pencils. And hacking a Moleskine is multitasking anyway.



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    10 Discussions


    5 years ago on Introduction

    I have a huge collection of Molsekine notebooks going back years and because I like to keep them looking nice I have a leather cover to protect the Moleskine and to hold my pen/pencil etc.
    The cover was made from scap leather from a local furniture store.


    6 years ago on Introduction

    Wide elastic - great use for this. Thanks.


    8 years ago on Introduction

    its kinda hard to manipulate my moleskine (its the thinnest ones with paper covers and no elastic/ribboning on it). But for me, just throwing a pen in the bag a carry my moleskine works out for me. :p


    10 years ago on Step 4

    No Appreciable Increase In Thiskness

    I guess it is all relative. It looks to me that the thickness has more than doubled.

    Just my two cents worth.


    10 years ago on Introduction

    I think this is brilliant! I too am always losing pens and such but no longer.


    10 years ago on Introduction

    Wow, thats really good, the pen holding bit looks extremely useful, always have the correct pen.

    Next time when you want to share something, but do not have full instructions, i suggest using the 'submit a slideshow function' found Here

    It looks great, but it's not an instructable -- this is what slideshows are for. And I disagree about the thickness -- it doubles it, if you count the pens.