Moltov Tiki Torch




Introduction: Moltov Tiki Torch

This is an instructable for an easy way to make some cool Redneck Tiki Torches for your backyard parties or bonfires. They actually throw a ton of light , more so than a typical Tiki torch because not only does the flame illuminate the surrounding area , but the bottle reflects a lot of light as well. It is nice for being able to see what is going on when your fire gets a little low.

Step 1: Materials Needed.

-However many glass bottles you want. In my case I used two Bombay Saphire bottles. I thought they would be cool because they have a blue color to them. My buddy and I have also used Jager bottles as well.

-Kerosine or citronella. Whichever you prefer to burn. Citronella works well in the summer when you are having bug problems.

-Appropriate amount of wicks for the bottles. also as long of a wick as you can get. I couldnt find wicks that went all the way to the bottom but they go three quarters of the way down, just means that you have to keep the bottles topped up above the bottom quarter. you can splice wicks together but I was to lazy for this project.

-A knife that you dont care about dulling the blade a bit on. Or a knife that you can re sharpen easily.

Step 2: Cut Your Bottle

Now you are going to take your bottle with the metal cap still attached and cut a cross in the top of the cap. Then take the cap off and from the inside push the cross up so that it makes four barbs facing up and slightly in. That way you can pull the wick out as desired but it wont fall back into the bottle.

Step 3: Add Your Wicks and Fill the Bottle

Take your wicks and pull them up through the bottom of the cap to the desired length. Then fill the bottle with your kerosine or citronella.

Step 4: Use Your Sweet Ass Redneck Tiki Torches.

Now you have torches fit to impress your redneck friends. Also in the case of a zombie apocalypse, you have Moltov Cocktails at the ready.




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    9 Discussions

    These look very cool, but I'm afraid the bottle would crack and get glass everywhere since it gets so hot. Is there a way to avoid the bottle getting so hot?

    Am I the _only_ one that finds this a teeny bit dangerous?
    These ARE weapons after all..... a bad drunk could sure ruin somebody's party....

    1 reply

    hey LouN1, I agree but if someone wants to ruin your party they will find a way anyway (with or without these torches...)

    I would really like to do this! Where would you recommend getting the kerosene from? And how much did it cost? Thanks

    1 reply

    Kerosine from Wal-Mart - $15

    Minor drinking problem to get the bottles asap - $65

    Wicks from Wal-Mart - $5

    Having badass Tiki Torches ........ Priceless

    it all depends on how high you have the wick set. I had the wick set pretty high the first night I used them at a fire and had them going for an entire party and in the morning I still had half a bottle full of kerosine left.

    How long do you think it would burn for? Great instructable!