"Mom Is Coming"2--Make a WiFi-Mesh Notifier




I think not everyone is interested in using WiFi mesh technology.

But it is really easy to use WiFi mesh technology with ESP8266.

Support 87 WiFi devices and 100m distance will be a big advantage for ESP8266.

You can have a look at this introduction: ESP Mesh.

Today I use D-duino-B and X-8266 exchanged information successfully.

D-duino-B has its grove-shield. It is very easy to plug Grove serials sensors made by Seeedstudio.

X-8266 has the same size with X-OLED. That means I can hide X-8266 behind the X-OLED.

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Step 1: Prepare

D-duino-B x1

D-duino grove shield x1

X-8266 x1

x-OLED x1

18650 shield V3 x2

Grove ultrasonic sensor x1

3D case x1

Step 2: Code

I uploaded a lot of codes to my github:


I burned meshserver.ino this code into X-8266

I burned meshclient.ino this code into D-duino-B.

Ultrasonic sensor is plugged into D7 of the grove shield.

In fact I can also add some LEDs, Vibration motor to X-8266. That will make the process more interactive.

You can easily transfer the information like "Mom is coming" and display it.

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    2 years ago

    I think not everyone is interested in using WiFi mesh technology

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    Reply 2 years ago

    I reckon thats not the point of Instructables. Also not everyone is interested in cake tutorials. I think this Instructable demonstrates a useful technology.