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I have a M-Audio Black Box Guitar Multi-Effects Processor, that can be used as a standalone amp-modeling and effects unit however to take the most of it you must be able to do it with your feet. There is a specific controller to do that but it is not cheap, so after a little research i decided to do my own foot switch controller to operate this machine in live gigs.

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Step 1: Parts and Materials


1- For the case i used a tuna fish aluminium can

2- Balanced audio cable

3- Two 6.35 mm mono jack plug

4- Two spst pressure switches


1- Black ink spray can

2- Drilling machine

3- Two drills, a thicker one for the switches and a thinner for the cable

4- A knife to strip the cable

5- Soldering iron and solder

6- Hot glue gun

Step 2: The Case

For the case i used a tuna fish can painted with black spray ink, made the drilling guides then i used the thicker drill to open two holes on the top of the can for the spst pressure switches and the thinner drill on the side for the cables

Step 3: Assembling the Switches

put the switches in place and tighten the nuts

Step 4: Wiring and Soldering the Switches

use de knife to strip the cable and solder the switches

Step 5: Isolating the Connections and Fixing the Wire

to avoid electrical damage i have isolated the switches connections with hot glue, and fixed the cables to the box

Step 6: Wiring the 6.35 Mm Mono Jack Plugs

Wire the 6.35 mm mono jack plugs to the balanced cable, solder it and screw the plugs

Step 7: Connecting It to the Machine and Testing

The Momentary foot switch for M-Audio Black Box is done, plug it ... and Voilá ... success !! Now the presets of the machine can be change up an down using the foot switch

Step 8: Final Product

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    5 years ago on Introduction

    Muito bem Tiago. Andava a pesquisar dados e presets na internet sobre a Blackbox e encontrei isto. Imaginativo o uso do Tenório...


    5 years ago on Introduction

    But how much was the tuna can??! This is a fantastic and simple solution to an expensive problem.

    Nice work.

    1 reply