Terra Cotta Pots?? - Gumball Machine Candy Jar




Introduction: Terra Cotta Pots?? - Gumball Machine Candy Jar

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Isn't this a cute way to display chocolate? Or gumballs? Or __________? (insert your favorite candy here) This was a simple fun project. It would be  a wonderful gift for any candy lover. Paint it any color and fill it with any thing to customize it to your liking. Here's how...

I copied the pic of the merry kiss mas jar,then changed it up a bit. so it wouldnt be so seasonal.

Step 1: You Will Need:

6" clay pot
6" clay saucer
5" clay saucer
glass bubble bowl
acrylic paint
1 (one) Wooden Ball – 1 1/4″
1 (one) Tube E6000 Adhesive or epoxy

Step 2: To Get Started

Just paint all of the pieces (besides the glass bowl) your desired color. This would be fun for your kids to help you do.

Step 3:

Now just glue the pieces together. But do not glue the top piece to the bowl.The wood ball will be your handle to take off the lid . Now you can either paint words like "merry "kiss"mas" or you can modge podge a picture on there.I painted a piece of paper with gold acryllic paint with  a very like light coat and then used a permanent marker to write "mommy loves kisses". LOL. It has two meanings because I would love the chocolate kisses or kisses from my beautiful kids. Then I modge podged it on. Voilla, cute.

http://www.allfreecrafts.com/homemade-gifts/gumball.shtml  If you click here you will find a printable faceplate. (for a more traditional look)



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    This was a super cute project (: my best friend and I made these together and it was so fun. I use it to store all my bright Kandi Kuff bracelets I've made and they look so cute in there, like candy :D THANKS FOR SHARING

    thank you. my kids are liking the candy in their reach,but of course they have to ask to eat it. : )

    Great Idea, I think I would use a Plastic bowl, because I work with G. Scouts (Daisy) and decorate the inside first, Great Work.!!

    i think it is brilliant! I can't wait to start for all the teacher gifts...thank you for your creativeness and sharing!

    you are welcome. thank you for giving me the idea to give them to teachers too. i might write on the label something like "teachers like smarties" and then fill it with the smarties candy.lol ; )

    yeah, that's because i used glossy modge podge to put the "mommy loves kisses" but maybe next time i will use the metallic spray paint. : )

    thank you.since you made that comment i decided to change the name so people would know.lol.thanks

    thank you.I plan on making these for christmas gifts, well this and the cute family coaster tray that i just published. did you see it?

    I had seen it but hadn't clicked on it yet. Just clicked on it and the coasters are really cute!