Mondrian Wall

Introduction: Mondrian Wall

About: I love touching materials, I love to overpass a certain point of dirt when I work (paint, dust, glue and whatever) because the more is the dirt, the more will be my satisfaction when I clean. And I adore tha...

The idea from a Mondrian painting

Step 1: A Lot of Dust!!

I prepared the wall removing all the imperfections and giving a first hand of glue/water before of painting

Step 2: Drawing the Lines

Step 3: Color in the Shapes

The lines were covered ...

Step 4: Color on the Lines With Black

Step 5: Final Result!!!



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    Linda, ho visto che scrivi testi per canzoni. scrivo musica!!!

    Grazie mille! Devo ringraziare moaibob perché è un sito che non conoscevo. È il caso di dire "impara l'arte..." :)

    That's great, and I see, you took my advise!!!!! LOL