Money Gift Card Holder - Fireplace

Introduction: Money Gift Card Holder - Fireplace

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My inlaws are always so hard to buy for, so this year we are giving them the gift of green - cash.  I hate giving money, but it is what they want so I have made a money gift card holder.  For my brother-in-law I made this Fireplace card so it looks like the president is coming through a fireplace like Santa. Then you can get him out by spinning the fire down.  This is similar to my Money Gift Card Holder - Window, just gives an option of a design.

Card Stock of various colors - I used scraps that were big enough to work with still.
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Step 1: Fold the President

I say "the president" so that if you have a different value than me, it is okay.  You want to fold the sides back so that the only thing up front is the president's face.  I made this tight to fit my card.

Step 2: Make the Fireplace - Part 1

For this card I cut the card stock into a fireplace shape with an opening where the flame will be.  To cut an opening in the middle of the card stock, the easiest way I find is to puncture a small hole in the center and then cut from there.

Step 3: Make the Fire and Attach

The fire is made of yellow and red scraps cut into flame shapes and then glued one on top of the other.  Then I made a little log by cutting two small brown rectangles and criss-crossing them.  This should be large enough to cover the fireplace opening as it is the main way to hold the money in.  It is then attached to the fireplace with a brad going through the lower right corner.  This will allow it to spin downwards.

Step 4: Make the Fireplace - Part 2

Once the flame is added, add a piece of black card stock (or gray if you'd like) to the back and glue it on the bottom and the two sides.  This will give a backing to the fireplace and the opening in the top will allow you to put Mr. President through and cover the brad.

Step 5: Decorate

Decorate the rest of the fireplace as you would please and add a personal note.  I decorated mine with stockings, one for each family member.

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