Money Gift Card Holder - Window

Introduction: Money Gift Card Holder - Window

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My inlaws are always so hard to buy for, so this year we are giving them the gift of green - cash.  I hate giving money, but it is what they want so I have made a money gift card holder.  For my mother-in-law I made this Window card so it looks like the president is looking through a snowy window. Then you can get him out by spinning the window up.  This is similar to my Money Gift Card Holder - Fireplace, just gives an option of a design.

Card Stock of various colors - I used scraps that were big enough to work with still.
1 Brad
Cling Wrap

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Step 1: Fold the President

I say the president so that if you have a different value than me, it is similar.  You want to fold the sides back so that the only thing up front is the president's face.  I made this tight to fit my card. 

Step 2: Window - Part 1

Part 1 of the window is the part that is on the card itself.  I used red paper so it looked like a brick building.  Then I put Mr. President in the center where I wanted to put the window and measured him.  Then take a thin (1cm wide) piece of card stock and make the perimeter just slightly larger then him and glue this down so it is upwards.  This makes the window border.  Then take Mr. President out and put a background image or solid behind him so it looks like you are looking into the room.

Step 3: Window - Part 2

The second part of the window is the part that will eventually spin.  For this part I measured a piece of decorated card stock so it was slightly bigger then my frame (so I would be able to add the brad in)  Then I traced a curtain on the back and cut this out.  Next, I added clear cling warp to fill in so it was a rectangle again. 

Step 4: Attach the Window

The window goes over the frame with Mr. President inside.  The window is attached with a brad in the upper left corner.  This will allow the window to spin.

Step 5: Decorate

Decorate the outside of the building how you would like.  I have mine a tree and a snowman family with some mini snowflakes.  Then you can add a personalized message if you would like.

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    The best part, this can be adjusted into other images if you want, as you saw with the fireplace.