Money Saving Snake



Introduction: Money Saving Snake

About: Broken devices always have several useful parts,recovering them , we reduce trash ,then we are taking care of the planet

Drill or hand powered unclogging snake built with very cheap components that let you save to expend money on plumbing

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Step 1: Items Needed to Make It

2 1" pvc niples
2 1"pvc caps
1 T reduccion 1" to 1/2"
1 3/8 threaded tube(40cms)with 6 bolts
1 ball bearing(30 mm outer diam 10 mm inner diam)
1 handle( from a burn out soldering iron)
1 1/2" tube( will be a bushing)
3/16" flexible cable velocimeter(2 meters is enough)

Step 2: How to Make It

Drill a 13 mm hole on the cap enough to let the nuts pass throug ,fix the ball bering on the threaded tube with the nuts,leave 5 cms of tube to one side,put it inside the cap
Then thread the niple to the cap firmly,this part will hold the rotating parts of the device
Would be useful to tin the nut to the tube with a soldering iron,in order to don't let them loosen up

Step 3: Next Step

Thread the other parts in betwen,insert the 1/2" tube as bushing to the other cap and assemble these parts to the previous parts

Step 4: Assembling Everything

Make a frame whit a 1/2" alumium tube flattened mold it inside the pot as the picture.
Drill a hole in the pot and frame and screw the threaded tube fixing them firmly,then insert a bolt on the upper side of the frame,put the pot cap and fixit wit a nut
This pot will contain the flexible cable( snake)

Step 5: Last Step

Take 1/2" nut,put it on the threaded tube,make a hole in one side including the tube and thread it,put in the corresponding bolt in order to fix the cable or snake,to the desired length.
Put a spring or a point diviided tube on the extreme,this will disarm the clog
Pinch the cap all the way trough and the bowl with a screwdriver,then we have a rotating handle
Also can use a low speed drill

Then you can rotate the device by handle or drill,meanswhile introducing the snake into the clogged tube

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